Monday, July 11, 2016

The preliminary rounds will be held on Day 1 from 6pm onward in Dato` Pathmanabhan Hall.

Previous years we gave the winner of Prelims, the privilege to proceed to Finale without having to go through the Knock out and Semi-final phases.

This year, there are 23 teams, hence to make it more interesting we have revoked that privilege. We have used the Prelims score to randomize the teams for knock out.

However Prelims has formed an integral part of Neurobytes event all this while. To give certain amount of importance we will display the scores of all teams.

During the course of Knock out phase or Semi Final phases, in event of a tie, the Prelims score will take precedence.

Do well in Prelims as well... You never know how it might help you...
Good luck!!! Cheers!!!

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