Friday, May 13, 2016

Anatomy Illustration Contest

This is a side event held during Neurobytes 2016. It is held during the 45 minutes break time between the Knock out Phase and Grand Finale…

Anyone and everyone can register for this event. NO registration fees are charged.

There are TWO categories for this event:

Category 1: Registered Team members for the Quiz contest. They are registered along with their registration for the NB 2016 event.

Category 2: Open category. This is applicable to the audience for the event. The members of the audience have to register for this event when they come in the morning for the NB 2016 event. Usually we allow first 50 registrations. We can extend the number depending on the availability of the judges.

How it works:
Three anatomical pictures will be displayed on the power-point projection. It will stay projected for around 45 mins. The participants need to choose one of the 3 pictures and replicate them in either as shown or in an artistic way without distorting the basic anatomy. This is an individual event so the team members have to do it singly.

The 3 pictures projected for NB 2015 contest

The illustrations are then given to the judges who will assess them according to their set criteria and come to a decision of choosing the top 2 illustrations from each category. Thus each category will have 1st and a 2nd prize.

The names of the winning illustrations will be declared during the presentation of awards...

Some pictures of participants in action are shown below:

Mission Accomplished

Please feel free to clarify any further query with regards to this event.
Can leave a comment or send a personal message in the NB page message section.

NB 2016; the QC3

The committee that organizes Neurobytes keeps changing. The two faculty members however has remain constant.

The committee is called Quiz Club Core Committee in short QC3.

The students form the lifeline of the committee

However the questions are restricted and vetted only by the two faculty members

This is the QC3 for Neurobytes 2016;

Someone decided to sit like a boss !!!

Our star photographer Anzhi Lim was missing: There she is now:

Some views of the ongoing written test!!!

Participants from Muar campus

Bright light shines as the knowledge is extracted out

Participants from Melaka campus

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

From Anzhi Lim’s lenses

On 9th May the written test was held at 6.15 pm. The students were fatigued after their classes and this was an added challenge to keep their focus and concentration in ON mode.

Here are some visuals from our pro student photographer Ms. Anzhi Lim.

Committee member posing with her pal before the written test begins. 

Committee members doing head count and 

Welcoming smile from yet another committee member

Committee member showing the participants to their seats to ensure proper 'spacing'

Organizing chairman's briefing

Two participants posing before the competition

The stress of focus are seen on the faces of the participants. So is the fatigue at the end of the grilling 50 questions each lasting for 25 seconds on the screen. This was not only a test on their knowledge but also on their endurance.

Some thinking and some writing

Taken aback by the question; wonder what is the question!!!

Full focus on the question; posterior view!!!

Yet another posterior view !!!

Do you get the question? Some seems to know it!!!

One of the quiz master looks on; in the 2nd venue!!!

Concentration while writing!!!

Concentration while reading!!!

Cannot take it any-more; Towards the end

These are some views from Anzhi's lens... yet another lens glimpses are awaited shortly...

Tuesday, May 10, 2016


In 2011 began the journey of Neurobytes to the national level. 
The group picture showed our humble beginning!!!

The Preliminary rounds were held in the Tutorial classroom A in the sports complex auditorium. MMMC teams more on focus in the pictures as this was their inaugural journey into national competition.

The scrumptious dinner was served. The members are seen engrossed in fellowship with other teams. One of our quiz master is seen (not photo-shopped). That's how he looked 5 years back...

One team who missed the second spot narrowly; nevertheless fought well...

Finally the Champions for NEUROBYTES 2011;

Now the PICTURE that  is etched in our the memory

The journey through memories have just started.  Wait for more to come...